About Us

At Bohn Farms, we believe that everybody should get an opportunity to enjoy what an almond tastes like straight from the tree, honey fresh from the hive, and know where their food comes from.  With Bohn Farms products, you know your food is coming straight from our land to your hand.  We look forward to providing you with the opportunity to taste the freshness and experience the health benefits we get to enjoy living right on the farm.….Taste the difference!


Almonds are one of the world’s most nutritious nuts. They are a natural source for protein, fiber, vitamin E, iron, calcium,  zinc, antioxidants, and unsaturated fat.  Almonds help reduce bad cholesterol and  are listed  among foods healthy for the  heart. Our orchards are farmed  responsibly, and the almonds are never  gassed nor is chemical flavoring added.  Bohn Farms flavored nuts are seasoned in small batches using only real ingredients. Our almonds make for a satisfying snack and are a healthy choice for sustained energy. Whether you’re looking for a healthy and natural way to enjoy a flavored nut, or in its raw form, these almonds will satisfy you with maximum flavor and nutrition.



Honey is rich in antioxidants, and its pollen enzymes maintained in raw unfiltered honey are thought to help with seasonal allergies. Honeybees are an integral part of pollination for the blossom to develop into an almond. Almost one third of the world's food crops depend on honeybees and sadly their population is declining.  By expanding into the beekeeping world, not only are we able to pollinate the orchards, but we also get to be a part of the sustainable practice of caring for happy and healthy honeybees. Honey is a deliciously sweet biproduct that is a delight to eat. Our Wood Colony Honey is kept raw and pure, dripping with natural nutrition, and harvested carefully with bee health and sustainable practices as a top priority for happy bees!


Justin and Angie Bohn love living the farm life and raising their three children on a beautiful California almond ranch. Justin, a 3rd-generation farmer himself, now proudly passes that heritage on to his children. Farming has always been a love…….and a cherished way of life; it is what we do, what we love, and who we are. We are proud to be a part of this life style and grow premium almonds, while taking our responsibility of being good stewards of the earth seriously.  We look forward to a lifetime working in California’s Agriculture, and want to share its bounty with those who enjoy the taste of maximum freshness, with maximum nutrition, in our premium almonds and raw honey.  

Bohn Farms Commitment